Sean Winn with the Plastic Reduction Project spoke at the 350 November meeting.

Plastic project goals

  • Collect information about how environmentally friendly Austin restaurants are
  • Gently inform individual restauranteurs about the benefits of going green
  • Provide information about Austin restaurants to all of us who thrive on eating out

All interactions with restaurateurs are from the perspective of we’re in this together and we want to work together.

Short term goal: reducing waste
Long term goal: ending the throw away culture

Sean says:

  • Going green is good for the environment and provides economic benefits for restaurants
  • More cost effective to use metal forks, glasses, and ceramic plates
  • And we know where all the paper and plastic go, into a dumpster
  • Saves dumpster space
  • Saves staff time, no trekking out to the dumpster three times a day
  • Reduces the need for storage space in restaurant hallways
  • Using metal forks, glasses, and ceramic plates significantly reduces supply ordering time
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Reduces supply glitches

Next time you’re in a restaurant, would you like to review what you see for others? If yes, visit the Plastic Reduction Project: PlasticReductionProject.org.



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