Fayette Coal Power Plant

  • Located in LaGrange, TX in Fayette County
  • Ownership:
    • LCRA Owns 2/3 of the Plant
    • City of Austin Energy owns 1/3 of the plant
  • Production Capacity of 1690 Megawatts
  • By-products of energy production of the plant include large amounts of coal ash stored in poorly lined pits and in piles with no lining at all on site and air pollutants from the smokestacks.

The Problem – Coal Ash

  • Coal ash contains contaminants like mercury, cadmium and arsenic. 
  • Without proper management, these contaminants can pollute waterways, ground water, drinking water, and the air.
  • A recent report by an independent research and advocacy group found that the groundwater around coal-fired plants across the state contain levels of pollutants like arsenic, boron, cobalt or lithium that would make it unsafe for human consumption. 1
  • It also found that almost none of the impoundments where plants dispose of spent coal are lined properly to prevent leakage.

Our Vision – Interim Steps

  1. All coal ash produced each day must be placed in non-corrosive, water tight containers.
  2. LCRA / City of Austin begin picking up the coal ash that is scattered on 6,000 acres of land at Fayette Coal Plant
  3. Immediately stop dumping coal ash in Central Texas dumps.
  4. Stop putting coal ash from the Fayette Coal Plant in asphalt used to plug pot holes. Stop the spread of coal ash.
  5. Do a feasibility study on solar. Put in 6 solar panels each week at Fayette Coal Plant to begin the transition to solar.
  6. Each City Council Person testifies at the LCRA hearing to implement transition plan and convert Fayette to solar.