Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) owns and operates Fayette Coal Plant. The Texas Legislature is conducting a Sunset Review of LCRA this month, with several opportunities for public comment. Now’s our chance to tell them what we think!

Take action now:

Submit a written comment on the TX Sunset Review website by December 15, 2018. Use our sample template and talking points to help craft your message.

Give testimony in person at the Capitol on December 12, 2018. Please contact us if you would like help with messaging.

Our demands:

Environmental & Community Health: LCRA must develop a plan to sunset Fayette and stop poisoning our air and water. The health of the Central Texas community depends on it.

Planning for the Future: LCRA has no long-term environmental plan in place. We demand a plan that takes climate change and population growth into account.

Transparency: The people of Texas deserve to know about LRCA’s electric generation resources, especially Fayette Coal Plant. The Sunset Commission should include LCRA’s electric generation and transmission operations in the Sunset Review process. We demand that the first Sunset Review of LCRA electric operations occur within three years.

Financial Responsibility: Coal plants are a losing financial investment. Fayette will be a money loser – not a cash cow.

Good Government: LCRA must stay out of the groundwater drilling business and stick to managing our rivers. Keep groundwater aquifers intact for future generations!

More info:

LCRA Sunset Review overview – learn about the Sunset Review process and how to submit public comments

Defend Lost Pines Aquifers – white paper on LCRA’s “groundwater grab” in Bastrop & Lee Counties

Lost Pines Coalition members testimony at the LCRA board meeting on November 14, 2018.

Thank you to Al Braden for preparing these resources!