“Austin will not stop fighting climate change. Worldwide, cities will lead in achieving climate treaty goals because so much of what’s required happens at the local level. Regardless of what happens around us, we’re still Austin, Texas!”

-Austin Mayor Steve Adler in response to President Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change

Austin’s proud history of rising to confront environmental challenges began as early as 2007, when the City Council adopted a resolution mandating carbon neutrality for municipal fleets by 2020, along with a goal to “make Austin the leading city in the nation” toward reversing the effects of global warming.

Join us in getting Austin’s Institutions & Citizens to divest from Fossil Fuels

Personal Divestment

Take action now against the fossil fuel industry and the banks that support it with 350 Austin’s Personal Divestment Toolkit, a step-by-step guide to extracting your money from oil, coal, and gas companies.

Personal Divestment Toolkit

Institutional Divestment

Join our campaign to persuade Austin area institutions with financial interests in fossil fuels to sever those ties, divest all holdings in the fossil fuel industry, and reinvest in renewables and a sustainable, equitable future.

Institutional Divestment Team Page